Sugar Pine 7

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Sugar Pine 7
FoundedApril 18, 2017
  • Steven Suptic
  • James DeAngelis
  • Clayton "Cib" James
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, U.S.
ProductsAlternative Lifestyle
Beyond the Pine
Lifestyle Classic (formerly)
  • 7
(October 2018)
ParentRooster Teeth

Sugar Pine 7 (abbreviated SP7) is a US production company and comedy troupe. The company was founded in 2017 by Steven Suptic, Clayton "Cib" James, and James DeAngelis; together, they operate a YouTube channel based on a vlog series created by Suptic. The channel hosts a mockumentary web series called Alternative Lifestyle, in which the three men play exaggerated versions of themselves.[1][2]

As of October 2018, the channel has more than one million subscribers, and more than 114 million video views. Sugar Pine 7 was a member of the Let's Play Family from May 25, 2017 until Rooster Teeth bought them on January 11, 2018 for 10 bitcoin.[3]


Steven Suptic met Clayton "Cib" James in 2012 and the two became friends. He later met James DeAngelis and editor Autumn Farrell while he was working at SourceFed. After SourceFed was cancelled in late March 2017, Suptic began a web series on his personal YouTube channel called Alternative Lifestyle, and subsequently co-founded Sugar Pine 7 with Clayton James and James DeAngelis, who had become regular cast members of the series. Regarding their style, Suptic has described Alternative Lifestyle as a "freeze-frame narrated, hyper-surrealistic, improv-based comedy that uses the vlog format as a vehicle to promote a character-driven story". The name "Sugar Pine 7" refers to the name of the cabin the main group once stayed in.

In 2017, Sugar Pine 7's Alternative Lifestyle won the Streamy Award for Show of the Year.[4] They also attended RTX Austin in 2017, and attended RTX Sydney in 2018[5]. In early November 2017 they released their first short film, entitled The Woods, a "cheesy horror story."[6] Kyle Kizu of The Daily Californian named Sugar Pine 7 "the pinnacle of YouTube content creation."[7]

On January 11, 2018, after working independently for several months, Sugar Pine 7 became a part of Rooster Teeth's multi-channel network called the Let's Play Network.[8]


  • Steven Suptic (founder)
  • Clayton "Cib" James
  • James DeAngelis (cameraman)
  • Autumn "Rufhaus" Farrell (editor)
  • James Allen McCune (producer)
  • Mimi Torres (producer)
  • Vicky Pham (editor)


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