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For sugar plant processing, see Sugar refinery.

Sugar Plant is a Japanese dream pop band. Unlike most rock music, their music is generally very slow, mellow and melodic, in the vein of similar American "slowcore" groups such as Galaxie 500, Bedhead, or Low.

The band consists of vocalist Chinatsu Shoyama and guitarist Shin'ichi Ogawa; the band also usually includes a keyboardist and drummer, these roles being filled by a changing roster of musicians. Chinatsu and Shin'ichi formed the band in 1993, while they were studying at university. The band's name comes from a sugar factory in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.

Sugar Plant has released recordings on the Pop Narcotic, Pony Canyon, and World Domination Recordings labels.


  • Hiding Place
  • Cage in the Sun EP
  • Trance Mellow
  • After After Hours
  • Happy
  • Dryfruit

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