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SUGAR Volt is a hybrid aircraft concept proposed by a team led by Boeing Research & Technology, a division of Boeing. It is one of a series of concepts put forward in response to a request for proposals for future aircraft issued by NASA. It is proposed that SUGAR Volt would use two hybrid turbofans that burn conventional jet fuel when taking off, then use electric motors to power the engines while flying. SUGAR stands for Subsonic Ultragreen Aircraft Research, the "volt" part of the "SUGAR Volt" name suggests that it would be at least partly powered by electricity.

Environmental Impact[edit]

SUGAR Volt would have emissions about 70 percent lower than average airliners today. Noise pollution will also be lower than airliners today.


SUGAR Volt is designed with long wings that increase lift and decrease drag. The wings of SUGAR Volt would enable it to take off in a shorter distance and generate less noise. The wings of SUGAR Volt would be hinged so they could be folded on the ground to save space.