Sugar pie

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Sugar pie
Tarte au sucre.jpeg
Sugar pie from northern France
Alternative namesSugar cream pie, finger pie, tarte au sucre
Main ingredientsFlour, butter, sugar

Sugar pie is a dessert of the western European countries of Northern France and Belgium, where it is called tarte au sucre. The pie is also popular in Canada.

Various type of tarte au sucre are made. Some are a leavened dough topped with beet sugar or brown sugar, others have a crust containing a homogeneous sugar mixture which is similar to caramel after baking. The French Canadian version of the dessert sometimes uses maple syrup.[1]

The dessert is somewhat similar to the American transparent pie (the name in the Midwestern and Southern United States for a pecan pie made without the pecans), the English Canadian butter tarts and the English treacle tart.


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