Sugarloaf Island (South Shetland Islands)

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Location of Clarence Island in the South Shetland Islands.
Clarence Island seen from north-northeast with (left to right) Lebed Point, Sugarloaf Island and Cape Lloyd.

Sugarloaf Island is a conspicuous small island which lies close to the east side of Clarence Island, midway between Cape Lloyd and Cape Bowles, in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. The name was in use by American and British sealers as early as 1822 and is now well established.


Sugarloaf Island is located at 61°13′13″S 54°01′19.3″W / 61.22028°S 54.022028°W / -61.22028; -54.022028Coordinates: 61°13′13″S 54°01′19.3″W / 61.22028°S 54.022028°W / -61.22028; -54.022028, which is 3.2 km north of Lebed Point, on the north side of the entrance to Istros Bay.