Sugarmont (UTA station)

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Utah Transit Authority (UTA)
S Line streetcar stop
Sugarmont Station 1.jpg
Location 2215 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah
 United States
Coordinates 40°43′22″N 111°51′54″W / 40.72278°N 111.86500°W / 40.72278; -111.86500Coordinates: 40°43′22″N 111°51′54″W / 40.72278°N 111.86500°W / 40.72278; -111.86500
Owned by UTA

Utah Transit Authority (UTA):

  S Line
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 1
Connections Bus transport UTA: 209
Structure type At-grade
Parking None
Bicycle facilities None
Disabled access Yes
Opened 8 December 2013
Preceding station   Utah Transit Authority   Following station
S Line

Sugarmont (900 east)[1] is a streetcar stop in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States, served by Utah Transit Authority's (UTA) S Line (previously known as the Sugar House Streetcar). The S Line provides service from Sugar House to the city of South Salt Lake (where it connects with UTA's TRAX light rail system).


The Sugarmont stop (previously referred to as simply 900 East)[Note 1] is located at 2215 South 900 East, just east of South 900 East on the north side of Sugarmont Drive. The side platform is located on the north side of the single set of tracks. There is very limited street-side parking possible nearby. The stop began service on 8 December 2013 and is operated by Utah Transit Authority.

All of UTA's TRAX and FrontRunner trains and stations, streetcars and streetcar stops, and all fixed route buses are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act and are therefore accessible to those with disabilities.[3] Signage at the stations, on the passenger platforms, and on the trains clearly indicate accessibility options. In accordance with the Utah Clean Air Act and UTA ordinance, "smoking is prohibited on UTA vehicles as well as UTA bus stops, TRAX stations, and FrontRunner stations".[4]

Streetcar schedule[edit]

On weekdays and Saturdays the first eastbound S Line streetcar (to the Fairmont stop) leaves the Sugarmont stop at 6:11 am and the first westbound streetcar (to the Central Pointe Station) leaves at 6:21 am. The last eastbound streetcar leaves at 9:11 pm and the last westbound car leaves at 9:21 pm.[Note 2]

On Sundays the first eastbound streetcar leaves at 9:11 am and the first westbound streetcar leaves at 9:21 am. The last eastbound streetcar leaves at 7:11 pm and the last westbound car leaves at 7:21 pm.[Note 2]

S Line streetcars run every twenty minutes every day (except holidays when there is no service) and take about twelve minutes to run the length of the route (of Phase 1).[5][Note 2]


  1. ^ The change in the name from 900 East to Sugarmont also helps reduce any possible confusion between this stop and a TRAX station located on 400 South at 900 East. That TRAX station was originally called 900 East as well, but recently UTA began referring to that station as 900 East & 400 South.[2]
  2. ^ a b c Streetcar schedule is current as of Change Day, 13 April 2014


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