Sugarplum Fairies

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Sugarplum Fairies
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Folk Noir
Years active 1999-present
Labels Starfish Records
Members Silvia Ryder

Sugarplum Fairies was founded by Ben Bohm (guitars, bg vocals) and Silvia Ryder (vocals). After the duo parted ways in 2014, Ryder assembled a rotating line-up of co-writers and guest musicians, culminating in the creation of 'Sunday, Suddenly', which was released September 18 on Starfish Records.

Somewhere between Hapsburg and Honkytonk, swaying palm trees and swirling dark espresso, airy minimalism and waltzing Americana, the Fairies play melancholic songs on sparkling instruments. Think of an evening gown captured in Kodachrome. Gustav Klimt on Route 66 . This is music for when you’ve been up all night but are still in control. Reminiscent of Nico and Leonard Cohen singing duets on accordion and ’58 Les Paul out by the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

On the current album, 'Sunday Suddenly', SPF has crafted another expansive collection of austere Angeleno pop. The album was produced and mixed by Marlon Rabenreither (The Sister Ruby Band, Gold Star, Lael Neale), and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk (Ariel Pink, AA Bondy, Bonnie "Prince" Billy). It features guest performances by Charlie Clark (The Reindeer Section, Arab Strap, Snow Patrol), RT Valine (RT n' the 44s) and Taylor Borsuk (Skin & Bones).


  • Flake (Starfish Records, 1999)
  • Introspective Raincoat Student Music (Starfish Records, 2003)
  • Country International Records (Starfish Records, 2006)
  • Chinese Leftovers (Starfish Records, 2009)
  • The Images We Get (Starfish Records, 2011)
  • Godspeed & Silver Linings (Starfish Records, 2014)
  • Sunday, Suddenly (Starfish Records, 2015)

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