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L-R: Josh Blum, Marc Hutner and Dusty Watson.
L-R: Josh Blum, Marc Hutner and Dusty Watson.
Background information
OriginCalifornia, United States
GenresAlternative rock, grunge
Years active
  • 1990-1997
  • 2021-present
MembersMarc Hutner
Josh Blum
Joey Castillo
Past membersTimothy Michael Gruse
Dusty Watson
Tommy Southard

Sugartooth is an alternative rock band that was formed in the early 1990s.

Timothy Michael Gruse (guitar), Marc Hutner (vocals, guitar), and Josh Blum (bass) formed the group after meeting each other in the Southern California band circuit while playing in separate groups. They worked with two different drummers over time (Joey Castillo and Dusty Watson). The explosive success of alternative/grunge music and the growing appearance of bands like Candlebox prompted record companies to sign a large number of new bands as they came along; Sugartooth as a result quickly signed a contract with David Geffen, and the band's self-titled debut was released in 1994. The song "Sold My Fortune" became a modest hit after appearing on an episode of Beavis and Butthead and the group regularly opened shows for Slayer, Supersuckers, Stone Temple Pilots, and Soundgarden.

Castillo recorded drums for the band's follow up album before leaving to join Danzig. During recording, Sugartooth contributed the music to a song called "Tortured Man" that the Dust Brothers were putting together for the soundtrack to the film Private Parts. This song would later feature vocals by Howard Stern (see Private Parts: The Album).

After the commercial failure of their 1996 album, the band split up.

In late 2021, official social media accounts were created for the band, where it was announced that original members Hutner, Blum, and Castillo were working on, and about to record, new music.[1] In March 2022, the band confirmed that a new album was in the works, due out later in the year.[2]




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