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Symbol suhB
Rfam RF00519
Other data
RNA type Gene; sRNA
Domain(s) Bacteria
GO 0006353 0003715
SO 0000655

suhB later renamed mmgR (makes more granules regulator) was a putative non-coding RNA found multiple times in the Agrobacterium tumefaciens genome and related alpha-proteobacteria. [1] Other non-coding RNAs uncovered in the same analysis include: speF, ybhL, metA, and serC.[1]

Several studies in Sinorhizobium meliloti showed that suhB element is indeed a non-coding RNA: firstly it was detected on Northern blot and called Sm8RNA[2], secondly in an RNAseq study referred to as SmelC689.[3]

The mutant phenotype's (strain lacking the small RNA) cytoplasm contains higher content of polyhydroxybutyrate (PBH) storage granules than wild type strain.[4] The sRNA is required to limit the PBH intracellular accumulation when the nitrogen-fixing Sinorhizobium meliloti is under condition of surplus carbon in relation to nitrogen. It has been renamed to mmgR. Further study confirmed that mmgR fine-tunes the regulation of PBH storage.[5]

Northern blot confirmed the expression of the sRNA in other rhizobia species. MmgR homologues were found in most alpha-proteobacteria. The Rho-independent terminator and a single stranded region 10-mer (UUUCCUCCCU) are completely conserved. Hence, it was proposed to define a new family of alpha-proteobacterial sRNA: alpha-r8 of which mmgR is a member.[6]

RNA binding protein Hfq is binding and stabilising mmgR.[7][8] Expression of the mmgR gene was shown to be controlled by nitrogen (N).[9] Further study[10] has shown that the regulatory proteins NtrC may be required for expression of mmgR gene upon N limitation. Under carbon (C) limitation, mmgR transcription is repressed by AntiA. [10]


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