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Hiroshige's print of Suhara-juku, part of the The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō series

Suhara-juku (須原宿 Suhara-juku?) was the thirty-ninth of the sixty-nine stations of the Nakasendō, as well as the seventh of eleven stations on the Kisoji. It is located in the present-day village of Ōkuwa, in the Kiso District of Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


Of all of the post towns along the Kisoji, Suhara was the first one to be established,[1] though originally at a different location. After the town was washed away by a major flood in 1717, it was moved to its present location.

Neighboring post towns[edit]

Nakasendō & Kisoji
Agematsu-juku - Suhara-juku - Nojiri-juku


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