Suho Paper Memorial Museum

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Coordinates: 25°02′54″N 121°32′01″E / 25.048276°N 121.533615°E / 25.048276; 121.533615

Suho Paper Memorial Museum
General information
Type Museum
Location Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan
Opening October 1995[1]
Technical details
Floor count 4
Floor area 529 m2

The Suho Paper Memorial Museum (Chinese: 樹火紀念紙博物館; pinyin: Shùhuǒ Jìniàn Zhǐ Bówùguǎn) is a museum in Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.


The museum was opened in October 1995 after five years of preparation.[2]


  • Show room and paper mill
  • Suho platform special exhibition
  • Permanent exhibition area of the museum
  • Activity experience area


The museum is accessible within walking distance South from Songjiang Nanjing Station of the Taipei Metro.[3]

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