Sui–Former Lý War

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Sui–Lý War
Northern Vietnam

Decisive Sui victory

Sui Dynasty
Early Lý Dynasty (Vietnam)
Commanders and leaders
Liu Fang Lý Phat Tu

The Sui–Lý War was a military conflict between the Chinese Sui dynasty and Vietnamese Former Lý dynasty in 602.

In 601, Lý Phat Tu was summoned to attend the Chinese court.[1] However, he delayed the attendance and eventually rebelled in 602, even though he had recognized Sui authority in 595.[1] He concentrated his military forces at the Lý capital Co Loa and at Long Bien.[1] In 602, General Liu Fang led his army in the invasion of Lý.[1][2]

The Sui army departed via Yunnan to the Lý territory.[1] However, the Lý armies were unprepared to fend them off, because they had not expected that the Sui army would take this invasion route.[1] In the end, Lý Phat Tu surrendered to the Sui forces.[1][2] Consequently, the Chinese took him captive and transferred him to the Chinese capital Chang'an.[1][2] Liu Fang's army also forced the submission or defeated the remaining local clans.[2] The conquered territory was incorporated under Chinese rule.[1]


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