Sui Cheemian

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Sui Cheemian
Rawalpindi District Sub Div.svg
Coordinates: 33°22′12″N 73°25′53″E / 33.37000°N 73.43139°E / 33.37000; 73.43139Coordinates: 33°22′12″N 73°25′53″E / 33.37000°N 73.43139°E / 33.37000; 73.43139
Country Pakistan
TehsilGujar Khan

Sui Cheemian, also spelt Sui Chimian, and less commonly as Sui Cheema, is a Cheema village in Punjab, Pakistan. It is a Union council of Gujar Khan Tehsil[1] (a subdivision of Rawalpindi District). Sui Cheemian gets its name from the Cheema tribe of Jats, who make up the majority of the population. The population speaks pothwari and have a lax family and religious structure since the majority of the villagers follow Sufism. The village along with the town of Bewal is one of the most wealthiest rural places in Pakistan, the village has powerful and wealthy aristocratic lords and Dukes known locally as labardars who own extensive agricultural lands, and a state privileged status. The village is well developed with concrete roads, pavements and highways.[2] the village is dotted with expensive mansions, with full air-conditioning systems which is almost exclusively only used by the elite and the rich in Pakistan, because of the electricity being so expensive in the country due to the shortfall of energy production in the country.[3]

The village is located at 33.370427,73.431581 with an altitude of 492 metres (1617 feet).[4]

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