Suita Station (Hankyu)

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Suita Station
Hankyu Suita Station.JPG
Location Suita, Osaka
Operated by Hankyu
Line(s) Hankyu Senri Line
Other information
Station code HK89
Opened 1964

Suita Station (吹田駅, Suita-eki) is a station located in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.



When the line opened in 1921, there were Nishi-Suita Station and Higashi-Suita Station. In 1943, they were renamed Shiyakushomae Station and Suita Station respectively. When the stations of the line were realigned on April 10, 1964, both stations were discontinued and new Suita Station was built, reusing and expanding the facilities of former Shiyakushomae Station.[1]

Stations next to Suita[edit]

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Senri Line
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Coordinates: 34°45′37″N 135°31′00″E / 34.76028°N 135.51667°E / 34.76028; 135.51667