Suite Chic

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Suite Chic
Origin Japan
Genres R&B, hip hop
Years active 2002–2003
Labels avex trax
Past members Namie Amuro, Verbal, Ryōsuke Imai

Suite Chic was a collaborative project between some of Japan's top and up-and-coming R&B and hip hop artists, writers, and producers, which debuted on December 18, 2002.

Suite Chic served as a vehicle for pop singer Namie Amuro,[1] who at the time was establishing herself as a credible R&B artist following a decline in her popularity as a pop singer. Since the dissolution of the project many of its participants have gone on to greater mainstream success and the project revived Amuro's career.[2]

In a late 2005 interview, Amuro said she would like to have Suite Chic make a comeback in 2006, but nothing came of it.[citation needed]


Ryosuke Imai talked with Verbal of (m-flo) about who was the Japanese Janet Jackson. They reached the conclusion that it was "Namie Amuro", who at the time had seen her career fade following a hiatus. They produced demos without permission and proposed them to Amuro. The project featured up-and-coming DJs and hip-hop producers such as DJ Muro, Dabo and hip-hop singer Ai (singer) on the single "Uh Uh......", who would herself go on to great success.[2]

Verbal named this project Suite Chic, a combination of "High-class (=Suite) & Cool (=Chic)".



Year Album JP Sales
When Pop Hits the Fan 4 200,000+
When Pop Hits the Lab 65


Year Single JP Sales Album
2002 "Good Life" (featuring Firstklas) / "Just Say So" (featuring Verbal) 1 35 Limited to 30,000 copies. When Pop Hits the Fan
2003 "Uh Uh,,,,,," (featuring Ai) / "Baby be mine" 1 22

1 Limited Release


  • 26 March 2003 - When Pop Hits the Pix




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