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Prefecture-level city
Location of Suizhou City in Hubei
Location of Suizhou City in Hubei
Suizhou is located in Hubei
Location of the city centre in Hubei
Coordinates: 31°41′N 113°23′E / 31.683°N 113.383°E / 31.683; 113.383Coordinates: 31°41′N 113°23′E / 31.683°N 113.383°E / 31.683; 113.383
Country China
Province Hubei
County-level divisions 2
Township-level divisions 54
Municipal seat Zengdu District
 • CPC Secretary Ma Qingming (马清明)
 • Mayor Liu Xiaoming
 • Total 9,636 km2 (3,720 sq mi)
Elevation 71 m (232 ft)
Population (2004)
 • Total 2,580,000
 • Density 270/km2 (690/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s) 722

Suizhou (simplified Chinese: 随州; traditional Chinese: 隨州; pinyin: Suízhōu), formerly Sui County (simplified Chinese: 随县; traditional Chinese: 隨縣; pinyin: Suí Xian, Suixian), is a prefecture-level city in northern Hubei province, People's Republic of China, bordering Henan province to the north and east.


The prefecture-level city of Suizhou administers 2 county-level divisions, including 1 district and 1 county-level city.

These are further divided into 54 township-level divisions, including 36 towns, 11 townships and 7 subdistricts.



Ancient bronze concert bells,was found in Zengdu District, Suizhou City. Originals are now kept in the provincial museum in Wuhan.

Suizhou has a long history. During the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period (771−221 BCE), it was the territory of the State of Sui/Zeng and within the cultural sphere of the State of Chu. As a prefecture-level city Suizhou has a short history with its current status only granted by the State Council in June 2000.


The Catholic minority is pastorally served by its own (dormant?) pre-diocesan Apostolic Prefecture of Suixian 隨縣 which is exempt, i.e. directly dependent on the Holy See (and its missionary Roman Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples), not part of any ecclesiastical province.

It was established on 1937.06.17 as Apostolic Prefecture of Suixian 隨縣 (中文) / Suihsien / Suihsienen(sis) (Latin adjective), on territory split off from the Apostolic Vicariate of Hankou 漢口).

It is vacant since 1951, without apostolic administrator since 1981, having had only the following incumbents :

  • Father Patrick Maurice Connaughton (龔成德), Friars Minor (O.F.M.) (born Ireland) (1937.06.17 – retired 1951.03), died 1967
  • Apostolic Administrator Friar Dominic Chen Te-mien, O.F.M. (1951.04.05 – 1981), no ther Ordinariate.


Suizhou is served by the Hankou–Danjiangkou Railway.

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