Sujata Bhatt

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Sujata Bhatt (born 6 May 1956) is an Indian poet.

Life and career[edit]

Sujata Bhatt was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and brought up in Pune until 1968, when she immigrated to United States with her family.[citation needed] She has an MFA from the University of Iowa, and for a time was writer-in-residence at the University of Victoria, Canada.[citation needed] She received the Commonwealth Poetry Prize (Asia) and Alice Hunt Bartlett Prize for her first collection Brunizem in 1987.[1] She received a Cholmondeley Award in 1991 and Italian Tratti Poetry Prize in 2000.[1] She has translated Gujarati poetry into English for the Penguin Anthology of Contemporary Indian Women Poets. Combining Gujarati and English, Bhatt writes "Indian-English rather than Anglo-Indian poetry."[2] Michael Schmidt (poet) observed that her "free verse is fast-moving, urgent with narratives, softly spoken.[2] Bhatt lives in Bremen, Germany with her husband, the German writer Michael Augustin, and daughter.[1]

Poetry collections[edit]


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