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Sujata Koirala, Former Deputy-prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Nepal

Sujata Koirala (Nepali: सुजाता कोइराला) is a Nepalese politician and the only daughter of former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. She was made Foreign Minister under Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. Sujata was promoted to Deputy Prime Minister on October 12, 2009.[1] She has a daughter named Melanie Koirala Jost.[2]


Koirala is the Immediate Chief of the International Relations Department of Nepali Congress and a member of the Central Working Committee.[3] She is the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal. She is the second women to become deputy prime minister in Nepal. The first, Shailaja Acharya, was Koirala's niece.[4]

International Affiliations[edit]

Koirala is an active member of several international committees including the following:[5][6]

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