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Gender Female
Language(s) Hindi
Meaning "birth"
"from a good family origin"
Region of origin India
Other names
Related names Sujatha

Sujātā (Hindi: सुजाता) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular feminine given name, which means "birth", "from a good family origin" and"origin".

Notable people named Sujata[edit]

  • Sujata Bhatt (born May 6, 1956), German-Indian poetess.
  • Sujata Day, (born June 27, 1984), American-Indian actress, model and screenwriter.
  • Sujata Keshavan (born 1961), Indian graphic designer.
  • Sujata Manohar (born August 28, 1934), Indian judge and member of the National Human Rights Commission of India.
  • Sujata Massey (born 1964), American-British writer.
  • Sujata Mohapatra (born June 27, 1968), Indian choreographer and dancer
  • Sujata Nahar (born December 12, 1925 – died May 4, 2007), Indian writer.
  • Sujata Sridhar (born December 25, 1961), Indian cricketer.

Notable people named Sujatha[edit]

Notable people with last name Sujatha[edit]

  • C. S. Sujatha (born May 28, 1965), Indian politician and member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India.



  • Sujatha Vidyalaya, girls' secondary school in Sri Lanka.
  • Sujata Sadan, theatre auditorium in Kolkata, West Bengal.
  • INS Sujata, Sukanya class patrol vessel of the Indian Navy.
  • Sujata and seven types of wives, the unruly daughter-in-law of Anathapindika, a lay-disciple of the Buddha, who later became a slave-wife to her husband .
  • Sujata Bhikkhuni, one of the Buddha's arahant nuns.
  • Sujata, a maiden who, in Gautama Buddha's life, offered the Buddha a bowl of milk rice before he gave up the path of asceticism following six years of extreme austerities.
  • Sujata is a name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.