Sujatha (1953 film)

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Sujatha (1953 film).jpg
Directed byT. Sundaram, D. V. Chari
Produced byK. Gunaratnam
Screenplay byCinema Story Department
StarringFlorida Jayalath, Prem Jayanth, Shanthi Lekha, Dommie Jayawardena, David Dharmakirthi, Gemini Kantha
Music byAnanda Samarakoon (lyrics)
Sirisena Wimalaweera (lyrics)
D. T. Fernando (lyrics)
Susarla Dakshinamurthi (music)
Distributed byCinemas Ltd.
Release date
Sri Lanka May 26, 1953
CountrySri Lanka

Sujatha is a 1953 Sri Lankan romantic musical based on the Bollywood film Badi Bahen. It was the most successful Sri Lankan film made up to that time and started the trend of blatantly copying Indian films.

Plot summary[edit]

The protagonist Sujatha abandons her studies to provide for her young sister Prema after the death of their mother. Their mother had always wanted to secure a good education for Prema and Sujatha sees it fitting to make this sacrifice. When Prema heads to the city however, she is seduced and impregnated by a smooth talking womanizer named Wickie. Wickie dumps Prema who then returns to live with her older sister. They find solace in a caring doctor named Nihal who comes to fall in love with Sujatha.

Cast and characters


  • "Premalookaya Niwee" – Jamuna Rani and Mohideen Baig,(lyrics by D. T. Fernando)
  • "Sumadhura Wey" – K. Rani
  • "Ayyo Baa Baa" – Sunil Premadasa, K. Rani and Dharmadasa Walpola
  • "Menna Meniko" – Dommie Jayawardena and Swarnalatha
  • "Wedena Harede Nage" – Jamuna Rani
  • "Pem Rella Nage" – K. Rani and Dharmadasa Walpola,(lyrics by D. T. Fernando)
  • "Mayawen Mey Loke (Kroodya Dey)" – Mohideen Baig
  • "Prema Gange" – K. Rani and Mohideen Baig, (lyrics by D. T. Fernando)
  • "Manaranjana Darshaniya Lanka" – K. Rani and chorus
  • "Danne Kale" – Swarnalatha and Bertrum Fernando
  • "Narilatha Pushpa" – Mohideen Baig
  • "Giya Thamayi" – Swarnalatha and Bertrum Fernando (melody from Lata Mangeshkar's "Chori Chori Meri Gali" in 1952 Bollywood film Jaal)