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Sukhawat Ali Khan (born 1950), son of Indian-Pakistani vocalist Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and nephew of Nazakat Ali Khan,[1] is a classical singer of Sham Chaurasia gharana tradition,[2] as well as a performer of North Indian and Pakistani classical music and related folk music.[3] He began singing and playing the harmonium at age seven[3] and has performed around the world.[2] He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area[4] where he performs in the world-fusion ensemble Shabaz (formerly the Ali Khan Band) with his sister Riffat Salamat and her husband Richard Michos.[1]

About his heritage and music, Sukhawat Ali Khan has said:

Each song I do has classical thought behind it and I know how to sing it properly, but my style comes from my life, too. I spent time in New York. I go to clubs. I like the hip hop beat, Latin music, rave. ... There's a performing energy there that I also feel. It's the same kind of energy a good Qawwali singer has, and we can really express it freely in America.


Sukhawat is currently playing in two music ensembles in the San Francisco Bay Area: Ji featuring Sukhawat Ali Khan (Real Tribal) and Baraka Moon.


  • Laaj - 2013 (with Deepak Ram )[5]
  • Taswir - 1998 (with the Ali Khan Band)
  • Zindagi - 2000 (with the Ali Khan Band)
  • Shabaz - 2001 (with Shabaz)
  • Shukriya - 2007 (solo and with his Shukriya ensemble)


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