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Sukhawat Ali Khan, son of Indian-Pakistani vocalist Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and nephew of Nazakat Ali Khan,[1] is a classical singer of Sham Chaurasia gharana tradition,[2] as well as a performer of North Indian and Pakistani classical music and related folk music.[3] He began singing and playing the harmonium at age seven[4] and has performed around the world.[5] He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area[6] where he performs in the world-fusion ensemble Shabaz (formerly the Ali Khan Band) with his sister Riffat Salamat and her husband Richard Michos.[1]

About his heritage and music, Sukhawat Ali Khan has said:

Each song I do has classical thought behind it and I know how to sing it properly, but my style comes from my life, too. I spent time in New York. I go to clubs. I like the hip hop beat, Latin music, rave. ... There's a performing energy there that I also feel. It's the same kind of energy a good Qawwali singer has, and we can really express it freely in America.


Sukhawat's music was recently licensed for use by Surrealist animators 'The Hive of Dukes', who had recently heard Ali Khan's music online, for a Salvador Dalí -inspired cartoon called Living Evil. Sukhawat is currently playing in two music ensembles in the San Francisco Bay Area: Ji featuring Sukhawat Ali Khan (Real Tribal) and Baraka Moon.


  • Laaj - 2013 (with Deepak Ram )[7]
  • Taswir - 1998 (with the Ali Khan Band)
  • Zindagi - 2000 (with the Ali Khan Band)
  • Shabaz - 2001 (with Shabaz)
  • Shukriya - 2007 (solo and with his Shukriya ensemble)


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