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Type Confectionery
Place of origin India
Region or state Gujarat
Main ingredients Wheat flour, jaggery, ghee
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Sukhdi is an Indian sweet made from wheat flour and jaggery in ghee. Sukhdi is a staple snack like biscuits available in most of the Gujarati households.It is also cooked on auspicious days or on festivals. Originally from Gujarat, it is also cooked in Rajasthan.

Sukhadi / Sukhdi

Main Ingredients and Method[edit]

Sukhadi is made from Ghee (clarified butter), wholewheat flour and jaggery. The wholewheat flour is roasted in ample amount of ghee till it turns aromatic and brownish. Grated jaggery, in equal amount of flour is added to the mixture after removing pan from the heat, and stirred to make a mixture that is transferred to a plate to set. After making level of the mixture, pieces are created.


As all three ingredients are high in calorie, and nutrition values. it is one of the best snacks for growing children in the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions.