Sukhoi T-60S

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Sukhoi T-60S
Role Intermediate bomber
Manufacturer Sukhoi
Status Cancelled project

The Sukhoi T-60S was a planned Soviet supersonic intermediate range bomber that never got past the drawing board. Very little information is available about technical characteristics of this aircraft, which remains classified by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It was believed that T-60S would have featured a variable geometry wing, flat lifting fuselage and two engines, equipped with two-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles. The armament was to include up to six Kh-101 cruise missiles, as well as AS-15 and AS-16 missiles, free-fall nuclear weapons and precision guided conventional munitions. The project was first initiated by Sukhoi in 1984 but was cancelled after the Cold War ended in the early 1990s. The bomber was to have replaced the Tu-22M in the Soviet Air Force.[1]

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