Sukoharjo Regency

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A sign marking the entrance to the Regency and the Best Western Premier Solo Baru Hotel.

Sukoharjo is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) in the Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Sukoharjo, about 10 km south from Surakarta. This regency is bordered by Surakarta in the north, Karanganyar Regency in the east, Wonogiri Regency and Yogyakarta in the south as well as Klaten Regency in the west.


Bengawan Solo "divides" this regency into two parts. The northern part is commonly lowland and wavy, while the southern part is mountainous.

Near the border are the developmental areas of Surakarta City such as Grogol and Kartosuro. Kartosuro is the junction of the Solo-Yogyakarta track with Solo-Semarang. Sukoharjo Regency is crossed by Solo-Wonogiri railway, which re-operated in 2004 after being unused for many years. This railway is one of the most "dangerous" ones in Indonesia because it is located beside the main road without any breaker.

Administrative division[edit]

Sukoharjo Regency is divided into 12 districts (kecamatan). They are Baki, Bendosari, Bulu, Gatak, Grogol, Kartosuro, Mojolaban, Nguter, Polokarto, Sukoharjo, Tawangsari and Weru. The districts are subdivided into various desa and kelurahan. The administrative center is located in Sukoharjo.

Coordinates: 7°41′00″S 110°50′00″E / 7.6833°S 110.8333°E / -7.6833; 110.8333