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Place of originNepal
Main ingredientswater buffalo, beef, fish

Sukuti (Nepali: सुकुटी) is a traditional dried meat dish of Nepal, and a staple dish of the Limbu and Gurung people.[1] Limbu pronunciation : Sakhekya.[2] Sukuti can be consumed directly, charbroiled and spiced as an appetizer or snack, or mixed with other ingredients and served as side dish such as in sukuti ko achar (a side dish), usually with tomato sauce.

Sukuti is prepared by cutting meat into thin strips and carefully removing the fat. The strips are then coated with spices such as salt, cumin, pepper, and chilli powder. The strips of meat are then dried out in the sun or hung over fire to dry. After many days when all the moisture has escaped and the meat has shriveled, it is ready to eat.[3] Sukuti is usually prepared by heating it in a pan. Extra seasoning like tomatoes, onions, and garlic are added to make it into a delicious snack.

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