Sula, Sogn og Fjordane

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Norway - Sula, Solund.png
Location in Sogn og Fjordane county
LocationSogn og Fjordane, Norway
Coordinates61°08′N 04°55′E / 61.133°N 4.917°E / 61.133; 4.917Coordinates: 61°08′N 04°55′E / 61.133°N 4.917°E / 61.133; 4.917
Area116 km2 (45 sq mi)[1]
Length18 km (11.2 mi)
Width11 km (6.8 mi)
Highest elevation569 m (1,867 ft)
Highest pointKrakhellenipa
CountySogn og Fjordane
MunicipalitySolund Municipality
Population525 (2001)
Pop. density4.5 /km2 (11.7 /sq mi)[1]

Sula (also called Indre Solundøy) is an island in the municipality of Solund in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The 116-square-kilometre (45 sq mi) island is the main island of the municipality. The island is located at the mouth of the Sognefjorden on the north side of the Sognesjøen, about 18 kilometres (11 mi) east of Holmebåen, the westernmost point in Norway. The largest village on the island is Hardbakke. The other main village area is Hersvikbygda on the northern part of the island.[1]

The island has a ferry service from the village of Krakhella to Rutledal in Gulen on the mainland and also to the village of Losnegard on the neighboring island of Losna, immediately to the east of Sula. Just southwest of Hardbakke, there is a bridge from Sula to the neighboring island of Steinsundøyna to the west. A narrow 65-metre (213 ft) wide channel separates the two islands.[1]


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