Sula River

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For other uses, see Sula.
Sula, Сула
Sula River in Ukraine.jpg
Country Ukraine
Basin features
Main source Sumy and Chernihiv Oblasts of Ukraine
River mouth Dnieper River
Basin size 19,600 km2 (7,600 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 365 km (227 mi)

The Sula River (Ukrainian: Сула́; Russian: Су́ла) is a left tributary of the Dnieper River with a total length of 365 km and a drainage basin of 19,600 km².

The river flows into the Dnieper through the Kremenchuk Reservoir, with which it forms a large delta with numerous islands, on which rare kinds of birds live. An important tributary is the Uday River, smaller ones being Orschyzya, Sliporid, Romen and Tern.

Large cities located on the river are Romny, Lokhvytsya, Chervonoazovske and Lubny.

The river's name evokes slow or muddy waters considering the words it is related to: Lithuanian/Latvian sulà "birch sap", Old Prussian sulo "curdled milk", Norwegian dialectal saula "dirt", Sanskrit súrā "spiritous liquor", and Avestan hurā "intoxicating drink, kumis".[1] Another etymology of the hydronym Sula is the Turkic suly, 'filled with water, wet'.[2]


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Coordinates: 49°33′19″N 32°45′16″E / 49.5553°N 32.7544°E / 49.5553; 32.7544