Sulagiri (meteorite)

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Sulagiri meteorite, slice.jpg
A slice of the meteorite
Type Chondrite
Class Ordinary chondrite
Shock stage S2
Country India
Region Sulagiri, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 12°02′00″N 78°02′00″E / 12.03333°N 78.03333°E / 12.03333; 78.03333Coordinates: 12°02′00″N 78°02′00″E / 12.03333°N 78.03333°E / 12.03333; 78.03333
Observed fall Yes
Fall date 12 September 2008; 08:30 hours (IST) (UTC+5.5)
TKW >110 kilograms (240 lb)

Sulagiri is the official name of the meteorite which fell on 12 September 2008 in Sulagiri, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu, India.[1][2]


On 12 September 2008, around 08:30 hours, from the north-west sky this meteorite fell, which was observed by several people residing in the villages around the town of Sulaguri. According to the eyewitnesses, they heard a screeching sound and a bang. It was followed by house shaking explosions. Bright flashes and smoke were also observed.[1]


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