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4th Sultan of Brunei
PredecessorSharif ‘Ali ibn ‘Ajlan ibn Rumaithah ibn Muhammad[1]
BornAround 1400[2]
Sultanate of Brunei
Sultanate of Brunei
Jalan Subok, Brunei[2]
FatherSharif ‘Ali ibn ‘Ajlan
MotherPuteri Ratna Kesuma, daughter of Sultan Ahmad
ReligionSunni Islam

Sultan Sulaiman ibn ‘Ali ibn ‘Ajlan (Arabic: الـسـلـطـان سـلـيـمـان ابـن عـلي ابـن عـجـلان‎) was the fourth Sultan of Brunei according to Silsilah Raja-Raja Berunai. He succeeded his father in 1432 and ruled until his abdication in 1485, to allow his son Bolkiah to become Sultan. During his reign, he continued the legacies of his father in strengthening the spread of Islam and the construction of Kota Batu.[3] He was also known as Raja Tua.[3] According to oral tradition, the sultan was said to live more than 100 years old.[2] In the Boxer Codex, he was known as Soliman by the Spaniards.


Sultan Sulaiman died in 1511. His tombstone is located in Jalan Subok, Brunei. The inscription of Sultan Sulaiman's tombstone mentions the name of the sultan and the date of his death.[2]


The earliest historical record of the Sultans of Brunei is not clearly known due to the poor early documentation of Brunei's history. Many elder members of the House of Bolkiah claim that their ancestors were the BaHassan and BaAlawi Saadah from Tarim and Hadhramawt in Yemen. In addition there has been an effort to Islamise the history, with the "official history" not matching up with verifiable foreign sources.[4] The Batu Tarsilah, the genealogical record of the kings of Brunei, was not started until 1807 CE.

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