Sulamani Temple

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Sulamani Temple
Sulamani Temple
Sulamani Temple fresco detail
Sulamani Temple fresco

The Sulamani Temple (Burmese: စူဠာမဏိဘုရား, pronounced [sùlàmənḭ pʰəjá]) is a Buddhist temple located in the village of Minnanthu (southwest of Bagan) in Burma. The temple is one of the most-frequently visited in Bagan.

It was built in 1183 by King Narapatisithu,[1]:178 and is similar to the Thatbyinnyu Temple in design. The Sulamani Temple also shows influence from the Dhammayangyi Temple, and was the model for the Htilominlo Temple. Sulamani Temple was restored after the 1975 earthquake, and utilises brick and stone, with frescoes in the interior of the temple. It was rebuilt in 1994.


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Coordinates: 21°09′53″N 94°52′54″E / 21.16472°N 94.88167°E / 21.16472; 94.88167