As Sulayyil

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As Sulayyil

Al Sulayyil (Arabic: السليل‎) is a city in Ar Riyad Province, Saudi Arabia.

Scion province is the number of near Valley propellants villages contacted each other geographically result of population growth composed civilized city convergence mother conservative ones have been part of it and pursued administratively, because the two following, administratively Two governorates Both are considered Emirate of Riyadh. Such as the Valley of propellants and is considered as one of the richest agricultural areas in Saudi Arabia this although it's very close to the largest sand desert in the world (Empty Quarter), where relate with the boundaries of the eastern region.

Scion is inhabited by the clan of the tribe Alodain propellants


Coordinates: 20°27′35″N 45°34′28″E / 20.45972°N 45.57444°E / 20.45972; 45.57444