As Sulayyil

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As Sulayyil

Al Sulayyil (Arabic: السليل‎‎) is a city in Ar Riyad Province, Saudi Arabia.

Al Sulayyil is in the southern Riyadh region. Along with the nearby village of Wadi Addawasir are the main towns of the area which considered one of richest farming areas in the kingdom although its very close to the largest sand desert in the world towards the east of the region.

Sulayyil is mostly inhabited by the people of the Dawasir tribe. The Al Sulayyil ballistic missile base was built in 1987–1988 in the valley 25 km north of the town.


Coordinates: 20°27′35″N 45°34′28″E / 20.45972°N 45.57444°E / 20.45972; 45.57444