Sulejman Vokshi

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Sulejman Vokshi
Birth name Sulejman Lokaj
Born 20 February, 1815
Voksh, Gjakova, Ottoman Empire
Died 1890
Gjakova, Ottoman Empire
Allegiance League of Prizren
Battles/wars Albanian Revolt of 1843-1844

Sulejman Vokshi (1815 - 1890) was an Albanian military commander and leader of the League of Prizren. A member of the central committee of the league as head of the finances commission, Vokshi also was an important leader of the organization's military branch and an officer of its military staff.


Born in the village of Voksh as Sulejman Lokaj he was a member of the Vokshi clan of the wider Thaçi clan. During the Tanzimat period he fought in the Albanian Revolt of 1843-1844, for participation he was interned in Anatolia. In 1878, he was one the orchestrators of the attack against Ottoman marshal Mehmed Ali Pasha, an event that marked the first military action of the league.[1] During the consequent Ottoman-Albanian war his forces captured among others Uskub and Pristina. He was captured in 1885 and sentenced to life imprisonment but was eventually released during a general amnesty period.


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