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Agha Mir Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai (Balochi: احمدزی میر سلمان داوود خان) is the hereditary Khan of Kalat, a position he has held since the death of his father, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, in 1979.[1]

He has lived in exile in Cardiff, Wales, occasionally traveling to London, since the Pakistani Army killed tribal leader Akbar Bugti in battle in 2006.[2] Officially, the Pakistani government does not recognize his authority but his voice still carries tremendous weight with much of the populace and leading politicians like Chief Minister Abdul Malik Baloch and Sanaullah Zehri have asked him to return to Pakistan to pacify the restless Baloch. Dawood Jan's younger brothers, Prince Mohyuddin Baloch and Umer Daud Khan, are both politicians in Pakistan.[1]

In January 2014, he told Oren Kessler of The Tower Magazine that Baloch nationalists will receive assistance from any friendly party, including Israel, expressing a desire to visit Tel Aviv.[3]


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