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Suleyman Keita was mansa of the Mali Empire from 1341 to 1360. The brother of the powerful Kankan Musa I, he succeeded Musa's son Maghan to the throne in 1341. His son Kassa briefly assumed the throne following his death in 1360, but was succeeded the same year by Maghan's son Mari Diata II.

Moroccan historian Ibn Battuta traveled to Timbuktu to visit Suleyman's court for a period of eight months in 1352–1353. While there, Ibn Battuta recorded a substantial description of life at the court, including complaints about Suleyman's miserliness, a sharp contrast to Suleyman's famously generous brother Mansa Musa.[1] This miserliness may have been due to the Black death having arrived in Africa and killing 30-50% of inhabitants, according to a 2017 William & Mary University study.

Suleyman's principal wife was Kassi; his rejection of her led to a revolt within the court.[2]

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