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Background information
OriginNew York City, United States
GenresDark cabaret, experimental rock
Years active1991–1998
Associated actsCop Shoot Cop, Ezo, Firewater, The Heroine Sheiks, Motherhead Bug, Soul Coughing, Swans
Past membersMichele Amar
Neil Benezra
April Chung
Jim Colarusso
Tony Corsano
Mateo DeCosmos
Fiona Doherty
Yuval Gabay
Nick Heathen
Paula Henderson
Shoyo Iida
Dan Joeright
Tokie Koyama
David Ouimet
Heather Paauwe
Norman Westberg

Sulfur was an American dark cabaret ensemble formed by Michele Amar in New York City in 1991. It was originally an outlet for Amar's solo work until it expanded drastically with the inclusion of seven members and a number of additional side personnel.


Early activity (1991–1994)[edit]

Sulfur's beginnings can be traced to a musical project began in 1991 by French musician Michele Amar, who had started composing and recording music under the name Virus. Having moved to New York in 1985, Amar had already built a reputation on the scene having worked for producer and musician Roli Mosimann. In 1992, the song "Dirt" was included on the compilation Manhattan on the Rocks released by Pow Wow Records and Amar was forced to seek out musicians to perform the music live.[1] She enlisted the help of violinist April Chung of Motherhead Bug, drummer Yuval Gabay of Soul Coughing, and bassist Adam Nodelman of Missing Foundation. After playing several shows, the band changed its name to Sulfur after being informed that another band had already taken the name Virus.[2]

Musical maturity and Delirium Tremens (1994–1998)[edit]

In 1994, the ensemble entered the studio to record "Water Song" and "Nova Sangre" with the intention of releasing the music as a single. At this point the band had been expanded to include Michele Amar, April Chung, Jim Colarusso, Tony Corsano, Yuval Gabay, Nick Heathen, Shoyo Iida and Tokie Koyama. After altering the line-up again, the ensemble released its first and only full-length studio album Delirium Tremens in 1998.


Studio albums
  • "Water Song/Nova Sangre" (1994, Lungcast)


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