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Sulitza (Yiddish: סוליצא‎, also spelled Sulitz, Solitza or Solitz) is a Hasidic dynasty originating in Sulitza (Sulița), Romania. The present Rebbe of Sulitza is Rabbi Yaakov Yisroel VeYeshurin Rubin. His synagogue is in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY.,[1][2]


Sulitza is one of many offshoots of the Ropshitz Hasidic dynasty that were re-established in New York City and Brooklyn after World War II by surviving descendants of Grand Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Horowitz, the first Ropshitzer Rebbe; others include Beitsh, Dolina, Dombrov, Dzhikov, Melitz, Sasregen, Shotz, Strizhov, Stutchin, and Tseshenov.[3]

The previous Sulitzer Rebbe died on June 18, 2013,[1][2] and was the son of Rabbi Jacob Israel Jeshurun Rubin (1885–1944),[4] av beis din (head of the rabbinical court) of Sulitza and Sasregen, Romania,[5] who was murdered in the Auschwitz concentration camp,[6] and Alte Nechama Malka Dachner, daughter of Rabbi Chaim Dachner of Seret, who was also killed in the Holocaust. He was the son-in-law of Grand Rabbi Yissachar Ber Rosenbaum of Stroznitz (died 1980). His brothers are the Sasregener Rebbe of Midwood, Brooklyn, and the Muzhayer Rebbe (d. 2008) of Midwood, Brooklyn.


  • Grand Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Horowitz of Ropshitz (1760–1827), author of Zera Kodesh.[7]
    • Grand Rabbi Asher Yeshaya Rubin of Ropshitz (d. 1845), son-in-law of Rebbe Naftali Tzvi, known as Reb Osher'l. Author of אור ישע [Or yeshaʻ].[8]
      • Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Rubin of Glogov (Głogów Małopolski) (c. 1806 – 1873), son of Rebbe Asher Yeshaya.[8][9]
        • Grand Rabbi Meir Rubin of Glogov (1829–1897), son of Rebbe Menachem Mendel.[8]
          • Grand Rabbi Baruch Rubin of Brezdovitz (Berezdivtsi, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine) and Gherla (1864–1935), son of Rebbe Meir. Author of שארית ברוך She'erit Barukh (Jerusalem, 1973).[8]
            • Grand Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael veYeshurun Rubin of Sulitza (Sulița) and Sasregen (Reghin) (1884–1944), son of Rebbe Baruch. Rabbi of Sulitza and rebbe in Sasregen. He died in the Holocaust.[8][10]
              • Grand Rabbi Shmuel Shmelka Rubin of Sulitz (c. 1925-2013), Sulitzer Rebbe, son of Rebbe Yaakov Yisrael veYeshurun and son-in-law of Rebbe Yissachar Ber Rosenbaum of Stroznitz. Rabbi of the Sulitza congregation of Far Rockaway, Queens, New York.[8]
                • Grand Rabbi Yaakov Yisroel VeYeshurun Rubin, son of Rebbe Shmuel Shmelka Rubin and son-in-law of the Kerestirer Rebbe, Sulitzer Rebbe in Far Rockaway, NY


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