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Sullivan was a three-act comedy by Anne-Honoré-Joseph Duveyrier de Mélésville, based on the short story Garrick Médecin. It was first played at Paris, in the Théâtre-Français, November 11, 1852. The original cast was:

  • Nicol Jenkins, a wealthy merchant - Mr. Provost
  • Lèlia, his daughter - Ms. Favart
  • Sullivan, a comic actor from Drury Lane Theater - Mr. Brindeau
  • Sir Frédéric Dumple, nephew of Jenkins - Got
  • Saunders, a broker - Anselme
  • Mistress Saunders, his wife - Mrs. Thénard
  • Merwyn, a silks merchant - Mr. Montet
  • Miss Pénélope, his sister - Ms. Joussain
  • Peacock, a lawyer - Mr. Mirecourt
  • Little-John, Jenkins' valet - Castel
  • Dickson, Sullivan's valet - Mathien
  • An Alderman
  • Servants

Though Garrick Médecin had focused on the adventures of actor David Garrick, de Mélésville did not wish to do a historical piece, and so used the then-contemporary Shakespearean actor Barry Sullivan as his subject, though he changed the character's first name in the play to George, probably to avoid any possible legal troubles. A few years after it was produced, Sullivan was adapted into the English play David Garrick by Robertson, with Garrick returned to the leading role.

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