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Sully may refer to:



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People with the surname or nickname[edit]


  • Alfred Sully (1820–1879), American Civil War and Indian Wars officer and actor
  • Brian Sully, justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia, from 1989 to 2007, law professor
  • Eugene Sully (born 1977), runner-up in Big Brother Series 6, UK
  • François Sully (1927/28–1971), French journalist and photographer
  • Frank Sully (1908–1975), American film actor
  • Haydn Sully (1939–2006), English cricketer
  • Henry Sully (1680–1729), English clockmaker
  • Ivory Sully (born 1957), American retired National Football League player
  • Jack Sully (c. 1850—1904), American cattle rustler, outlaw and sheriff born Arthur McDonald
  • James Sully (1842–1923), English psychologist
  • John Sully (c. 1283 – c. 1388), English knight
  • Sandra Sully (born c. 1962), Australian journalist
  • Sandra Sully (songwriter) (fl. 2006), former member of the all-female band The Love Machine and songwriter
  • Thomas Sully (1783–1872), English-born American painter
  • Thomas Sully (architect) (1855–1939), American largely self-trained architect, grand-nephew of the above
  • Walter Sully (1895–1970), Australian cinematographer and newsreel cameraman

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