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Sully was a Canadian indie rock group formed in 1994 in Ottawa. The band released a self-titled album independently in 1995. After releasing "I Have Much to Report" through Toronto independent label Random Sound in 1997, Sully signed to Nettwerk Records. "I Have Much to Report" was re-released by Nettwerk in 1998. Sully was showcased on Nettwerk Record's Plastic Compilation (Vol. 1) [1] which also included artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Chemical Brothers, and Propellorheads.[1] Sully was featured in numerous North American publications (Alternative Press, Rolling Stone, Option, Chicago Tribune, Ottawa Xpress, NOW Magazine, and many more) with favorable reviews. Sully played shows across the U.S. and Canada, and "I Have Much to Report" remained in the top 5 position on the College Charts for several weeks.

Sully was eventually dropped by Nettwerk Records and went on to release its third album "Bright Lights" independently in 2001.

Sully's music found placement in a variety of films such as Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (CBC film, 1998), Ecstasy (film, 1996), Bliss (TV, 2002), Get A Life (TVO, 1999), Drop in (MTV-Canada, fall 2002), and a commercial for Cinematheque (a division of the Toronto International Film Festival,1996). The song Fidget went to No. 1 on the Pop chart on Sully shot a video for "Half of Once" from "Bright Lights" with a MuchMusic VideoFact grant. Sully was chosen by a panel of industry judges to perform on a broadcast special for CBC (National TV in Canada) called "The Great Canadian Music Dream" in January 2003.

The band's website is currently inactive. In 2001, Sully was reported to be working on a fourth album with Tim Glasgow from Sonic Youth's Murray Street studio. This album was to be released in the fall of 2002, but has never been made available.