Sulphur-bellied warbler

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Sulphur-bellied warbler
Sulpher-bellied Warbler (Phylloscopus griseolus)at Sindhrot near Vadodara, Gujrat Pix 175.jpg
At Sindhrot in the Vadodara District of Gujarat, India.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Phylloscopidae
Genus: Phylloscopus
Species: P. griseolus
Binomial name
Phylloscopus griseolus
(Blyth, 1847)

The sulphur-bellied warbler (Phylloscopus griseolus) is a species of leaf-warbler found in the Palearctic region. They were earlier also known by the name of olivaceous leaf-warbler.

Like other leaf-warblers it gleans insects from small branches and leaves. They are found on rocky hill and scrub forest habitats.

The species is found in small groups and has a tendency to forage low in the vegetation sometimes even hopping on the ground. They have a single note cheep call.