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Family Tree of Samma Kings

Sultan (Arabic: سلطان Sulṭān) is a title used by Muslim Sindhi dynasties in Sindh, modern day Pakistan.

The Samma dynasty which was a Muslim Rajput dynasty took the title Jam, the equivalent of Sultan.


The main sources of information on the Samma dynasty are Nizammud-din, Abu-'l-Fazl, Firishta and Mir Ma'sum, all lacking in detail, and with conflicting information. A plausible reconstruction of the chronology[1] is given in the History of Delhi Sultanate by M.H. Syed:[2]

Rule (CE) Jam aka Descent
1335–1339   Unar Founder of dynasty
1339–1352 Junan Junan Brother of 'Unar
1352–1367 Banhbina Babinho Sadr al-Din Son of 'Unar
1367–1379 Tamachi Tamachi Rukn al-Din
1379–1389 Salah-ud-din Saláhuddín Son of Tamachi (usurper)
1389–1391 Nizam-ud-din Nizámuddín Son of Salah-ud-din
1391–1398 Ali Sher Son of Tamachi
1398 Karn Karan
1398–1414 Fath Khan Fateh Khán bin Sikandar Nephew of Karn
1414–1442 Tughluq Taghlak bin Sikandar Brother of Fath Khan
1442 Mubarak (usurper)
1442–1444 Sikandar Son of Tughluq
1444–1453 Raidhan
1453–1461 Sanjar Sanjar (Radhan) Sadr al-Din
1461–1508 Nizamuddin II Nizámuddín
1508–1527 Firuz Son of Nizamuddin II

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