Sulu köfte

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Sulu köfte
A plate of sulu köfte
TypeSoup or stew
Place of originTurkey
Region or stateBalkans, South Caucasus, Eastern Mediterranean
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsGround meat, rice, spices, broth
VariationsEkşili köfte
Eksili Kofte with "terbiye"

Sulu köfte is a Turkish stew or thick soup (çorba) with köfte. It consists of meatballs usually made with minced beef, mixed with rice or bulgur, onion and spices and boiled in their own gravy, with tomato sauce, olive oil and Turkish red pepper paste.

A similar dish is called ekşili köfte[1] or terbiyeli köfte,[2] when made with egg-lemon (terbiye) sauce.

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