Sum Practysis of Medecyne and other Short Works

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Sum Practysis of Medecyne and other Short Works consists of a number of short poetic works customarily accredited to the Scottish poet Robert Henryson.

The Annunciation[edit]

Robert Campin: L' Annonciation, Flemish altarpiece, c.1425

Ane Prayer for the Pest[edit]

The Garment of Gud Ladeis and The Bludy Serk[edit]

Sum Practysis of Medecyne[edit]

Against Hasty Credence[edit]

The Three Deid-Pollis[edit]

The Praise of Age[edit]

The Abbay Walk[edit]

This poem can be found in the following collection: "A Book of Scottish Verse" Edited by Maurice Lindsay Published by Robert Hale 4th Edn (2001)ISBN 0 7090 69014

The Ressoning Betwix Aige and Yowth and The Ressoning Betwix Deth and Man[edit]