Sumadija (multiple rocket launcher)

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Šumadija modularni raketni lanser 02.jpg
Sumadija MLRS on Partner 2017 defence fair
TypeSelf-propelled multiple rocket launcher
Place of originSerbia
Production history
DesignerEDePro, Military Technical Institute Belgrade
ManufacturerYugoimport, EDePro, Krušik Valjevo
Length11 m (36 ft 1 in)
Width2.95 m (9 ft 8 in)
Height3.45 m (11 ft 4 in)

2 modules x2 total 4 rockets 400mm - 285km range or 2 modules x6 total 12 rockets 262mm - 75km range
Speed100 km/h (62 mph)

The Shumadija is a new Serbian self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. The Sumadija is based on Kamaz truck chassis and it is modular in design. It can launch 4 rockets 400mm up to 285km range or 12 rocket 262mm up to 75km range. [1] [2] [3]


Development is partially based on experience gained on M-87 Orkan and KOL 15 - VERA 120km 400mm rocket program developed by Military Technical Institute Belgrade in 1980' and further development of this projects in late 1990' and after 2000.


One battery usually consist of 3-6 launch weapons in artillery division or in bigger formation as a battalion or regiment with 9-18 launch vehicles. Included in formations is command, reload, communication, workshop and fuel vehicles together with combat support vehicles type of BOV M16 Milos that protects unit on march or in battle position against close enemy threats.

Using modern C4I2 battle management software together with UAV for guidance and observation, satellite, radar and other surveillance data and thanks to high missile precision it is very effective weapon for destroying command centers, airports, large enemy army groups and other valuable targets.

Sumadija in Partner 2017 military fair


There is two type of rocket in use by Sumadija MLRS:

  • 400mm rocket originally called "Sumadija" and now "Jerina 1" with range of 285km and Circular error probable less than 150 meters if missile rely only on Inertial navigation system or when using inertial navigation combined with GPS data CEP is less than 50 meters [4]
  • 262mm rocket called "Jerina 2" with range of up to 75km - this rocket represents direct further development of Orkan MLRS rocket.

Jerina 1 400mm is rocket with correctable trajectory with warhead weight of 200kg. Warhead is HE/fragmented with possible in future development thermobaric warhead would be on offer. Rocket weight is about 1550kg and two rocket in one module weight 4200kg. Rocket uses modern compostite fuel. It is placed in container module made of steel.

Jerina 2 is 262mm rocket and comes with few type of warhead including HE/fragmented and 288 piece shaped charge bomblets type KB-2. It is placed in container module made of steel, possible future development of tubes used in LRSVM Morava.

Comparable systems[edit]


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