Sumbawa people

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Sumbawa people
Samawa people
Tau Samawa
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM De jachtbuit Bima TMnr 10013417.jpg
Hunting in Bima Regency, circa 1900-1940.
Total population
Approximately 1,900,000
Regions with significant populations
Sumbawa Island
Sumbawa language
Islam (predominantly), Hinduism, Buddhism
Related ethnic groups
Balinese people, Sasak people

Sumbawa or Samawa people are an ethnic group of people who live in the western and central region of Sumbawa Island, which comprises West Sumbawa Regency and Sumbawa Regency. The Sumbawa people refer themselves as Tau Samawa people and their language is Sumbawa language.[1] Neither the Bima nor the Sumbawa people have alphabets of their own; they use the alphabets of the Bugis and the Malay language indifferently.[2] The majority of the Sumbawa people practice Islam. The Sumbawa people once established their own government which became the Sumbawa Sultanate and lasted until 1931.[3] Sakeco music always plays a special role in the custom of Sumbawa people.[4]


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