Sumerian Records

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This article is about the record label. For Sumerian historical records, see Sumer.
Sumerian Records
Sumerian Records.jpg
Founded 2006
Founder Ash Avildsen
Distributor(s) ADA, Warner Music Group[1]
Genre Heavy metal, progressive rock, metalcore, alternative rock
Country of origin United States
Location Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, California
Official website

Sumerian Records is an American independent record label based in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. The label was founded in 2006[2] by Ash Avildsen, who is also a booking agent, and is managed by Shawn Keith.[3][4] Fellsilent became the first non-US band to be signed to the label, in 2008.[4] Sumerian's roster includes a number of progressive metal bands, notably in the djent subgenre.


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