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Coordinates: 36°16′23″N 78°46′50″E / 36.27306°N 78.78056°E / 36.27306; 78.78056

NASA satellite image showing the towns of Sumgal in Ladakh and Pusa in southwestern Hotan, and the Hindu-tash Pass connecting them. The pass is marked in bright red.
Details of a map of Kashmir (1878) showing the Hindutash Pass and Hotan as well as the northern border regions of the British Indian Empire (which included the Kashmir region).[1] The international border is shown in the two-toned purple and pink band. The mountain passes are shown in bright red. Warning the lat/long information is not everywhere correct.

Sumgal (literally, "three fords," in Uyghur language) is a historical ford and horse-changing station on the right bank of the Karakash River just before it enters the Aksai Chin plateau in the western Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (formerly, Chinese Turkestan) of the People's Republic of China. It is on the southwest side of the Kunlun Mountains and downstream from the now-deserted town of Kangxiwar, formerly Kengshewar, (36° 11' 58 N, 78° 46' 50 E) on the Karakash River[1]

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