Sumiko Fuji

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Sumiko Fuji
Born (1945-12-01) December 1, 1945 (age 73)
Years active1963–present

Sumiko Fuji (富司 純子, Fuji Sumiko, born 1 December 1945) is a Japanese actress. The daughter of a producer at the Tōei studios, she originally began acting under the name Junko Fuji (藤 純子), becoming famous as the female lead in yakuza films against such stars as Ken Takakura and Kōji Tsuruta. She even starred in her own series as the knife-wielding gambler Red Peony (the "Hibotan Bakuto" or "Red Peony Gambler" series). Initially retiring in 1972 after getting married, she began appearing on TV in 1974 using the name "Sumiko Fuji." She later returned to films and expanded her acting repertoire. She won a Blue Ribbon Award for best supporting actress in 1999[1] and 2006.[2] She is married to the kabuki actor Onoe Kikugorō VII and is the mother of the actress Shinobu Terajima and the kabuki actor Onoe Kikunosuke V.

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