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Sumire Haruno (春野寿美礼 Haruno Sumire?) is a Japanese actress, a former member of Takarazuka Revue,[1] specializing in otokoyaku. She joined the revue in 1991, became the top star in 2002 and resigned from the company in 2007. She is from Komae, Tokyo, her birthday is December 15, 1972.

Her nicknames are Osa and Masa-chan (as called by Jun Sena), both are from her real name Masako Osada (長田雅子 Osada Masako).

She is the first otokoyaku of her class to reach the top (followed by classmate and former troupe-mate Hikaru Asami by 3 months).

Troupe History[edit]

  • Flower Troupe: 1991–2007

General information[edit]

Following the examples of Mira Anju, Miki Maya and Mire Aika she became the top star of the troupe she had always been with, without any troupe transfer. (Although Hibiki Takumi had almost all her Takarazuka career in the Flower troupe, she had been in Senka for 2 years before she became the top star of the Troupe.) Also, another uniqueness of her career is that her status of being the second man was a short-lived one, because Hibiki Takumi became severely ill with myelitis during the Grand Theater performance. Haruno took over the leading role for the Tokyo performance, and at that point she unofficially became the top star of the troupe. However, it is Elisabeth that is considered as her official top star début without top star overlap. With this production of Elisabeth, she is the first top star to perform as Der Tod as her début.

Considered as the traditional type of otokoyaku, she is praised as one of the best singers along with other legends like Asato Shizuki

She was one of the promising young stars promoted by the company in 1999, along with Jun Sena, the current top star for Moon Troupe; Hikaru Asami, the former top star for Snow Troupe; Kei Takashiro, the former top star for Cosmo Troupe; Kei Aran, the current top star for Star Troupe, Natsuki Mizu, the current top star for Snow Troupe and Yūga Yamato, the current top star for Cosmo Troupe.

She is the only top star who has three top star partners (Rei Ootori, Miyo Fuzuki and Ayane Sakurano), which is quite rare in an otokoyaku's case.

Even as a top star, she has maintained a good friendship with fellow stars (as well as former troupe-mates) such as Jun Sena, Hikaru Asami and Rira Maikaze.

In 2006, she had special appearance in the Snow production of Rose of Versailles, this was the first performance with classmate and former troupe mate Hikaru Asami since the troupe transfer for Asami in 1998, and was also the last given the resignation of latter.

She is the second star after Saki Asaji who has portrayed Der Tod from Elisabeth and Prince Rudolph from Mayerling, who was being attached to Der Tod in the previous musical.

She wanted to be a musumeyaku when she first entered Takarazuka. This story related to her classmate and legend Mari Hanafusa: when Haruno went for the entrance exam of Takarazuka Music School, she saw another beautiful girl (Hanafusa) and thought about being a musumeyaku beside this beautiful girl.

Notable Roles and Performances[edit]

New Actor Era[edit]

Regular Cast Era[edit]

  • Speakeasy - Bradley
  • Ludwig II - Richard Hornig
  • Asaki Yume Mishi - Genji Monogatari - Spirit of Time
  • Michelangelo - Rafaello Sanzio
  • Canary - Father Roblow
  • In the Amber-Hued Rain - Louis Valentin

Top Star Era[edit]

  • In the Amber-Hued Rain - Claude de Bernard (unofficial first leading role)
  • Growing Purple Flower - Prince Naka no Ōe (official first leading role)
  • Elisabeth - Der Tod (Grand Theater Top Star Debut)
  • Immortal Thorns - Eri Makropoulos and Errol Maxwell
  • A Flute Named Wind - Hanai Yoshio Mondonosho (with special appearance of Yū Todoroki)
  • Season of Angels - Gustave and King Pescatore
  • Java no Odoriko - Adinan
  • La Esperanza - Carlos
  • Hand Drum of Heaven, Nijihito
  • Marrakech: The Crimson Gravestone - Ludwig
  • Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun - Vittorio Rossi

Rose of Versailles: Maria Antonio and Fersen - Fersen

  • Rose of Versailles (Special Appearance for Snow Performance) - Andre
  • Apartment Cinema - Wolf
  • Phantom - Phantom/Erik
  • Mayerling - Rudolph
  • Notebook of Kogorou Akechi - The Black Lizard - Kogorou Akechi
  • Asaki Yume Mishi - Genji Monogatari - Hikaru Genji
  • Adieu Marseille - Gerard (Last musical with Takarazuka)

Personal Concert[edit]

  • Metamorphosis
  • S (es)
  • I Got Music
  • Etude

After Takarazuka[edit]

2012: Elisabeth - Elisabeth (2012 Toho production)
2011: DREAM TRAIL ~Takarazuka Legends~ (OG Performance)
2010: Funny Girl
2009: Solo Concert:「男と女 Un homme et une femme」
2009: Marguerite
2008: Christmas Dinner Show: Celebration
2008: First Concert: My Heart


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Preceded by
Hibiki Takumi
Top Star (Otokoyaku) for Flower Troupe
Succeeded by
Sei Matobu