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For the Indian actress, see Sumithra (actress).
Four Sons of Dasaratha.jpg
Sumitra gives birth to twins(centre, top)
Spouse(s) Dasharatha
Children Lakshmana

Sumitra(Sanskrit: सुमित्रा, Tamil: சுமித்திரை (Listeni/ˈ/), Burmese: Thumitra, Malay: Samutra, Khmer Thai: สมุทรเทวี Samutthra Thewi) in the Indian epic Ramayana, was third of King Dasharatha's three wives and a queen of Ayodhya. She was mother of twins Lakshmana and Shatrughna. She came from the ancient Kingdom of Kashi. She was third wife of King Dasharatha.[1] She was wisest of the wives of Dasaratha. She even encouraged Lakshmana to accompany Rama and serve him during his exile. Sumitra often helped Dashratha with his problems.[2]

Portrayals Of Sumitra In Mass Media[edit]

Sumitra has been portrayed by several actresses television adaptations of Ramayana:

Year TV series Channel Country Played By
1986-87 Ramayan (1986 TV series) DD National India

Rajni Bala

2008-10 Ramayan (2008 TV series) NDTV Imagine India

Sangeeta Kapure

2015-Present Siya Ke Ram Star Plus India Sampada Vaze


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